About us

I started my own business when I was 26 years old, It seemed like I could only be successful at the other businesses that I started but not my dream business which is selling handmade jewelry & candles. However things began to change once I decided to take a further step and pursue my dream to a reality,  I  started working hard every single day putting hours and hours learning everything I needed in order to open my online business. Never give up in your passion no matter what anyone thinks or says, Only you can turn your dreams into a reality.  With this being said I hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Don't quit and work hard to prove your self that you can archive anything you put your mind into. 

The goal that I have for my brand is for every person to find peace and joy with my personalized piece  that speaks to your soul and matches your aura. For you to see your Jewelry or custom item created and say  "This one is me."   

 I want to thank everyone who is helping my dreams come to a reality.

Much love,